About DK Tek

At DK Tek, we are passionate about quality, simplicity, and innovations that reshape the way we live. Although we create high tech products, people are at the core of who we are and who we aim to connect with. Below is an overview of the products we are currently developing. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Baby Check

Baby Check is a child temperature, and position monitoring system that works with your iOS and Android devices. With baby check you can monitor your children’s temperature and position while sleeping or during play. Track multiple children, set alarm temperatures and track your baby’s temperature and sleep patterns across the hours of monitoring.

Hybrid Headphones

DK Headphones are the first hybrid headphones designed to expand your listening from person to room sharing. With its 4 speaker system you can keep your music private or switch to play externally with the flip of a switch.

Total Share

Total Share is your personal multimedia and server solution. With Total Share you can share movies, music and documents simultaneously across 8 devices.

Vibration Wave Charger

The Vibration Wave Charger is a revolutionary technology using proprietary vibration emissions with our compatible chipset to wirelessly charge. With a single vibration charger and compatible chipsets, up to 8 devices can be charged simultaneously supporting 5 watts per device at a range of 15 feet.